LIVE WEBINAR with Linda Joy Myers, PhD, and Brooke Warner

What Made SMASHED and DRINKING: A LOVE STORY best-selling memoirs?

Monday, April 11th

4pm Pacific Time

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Linda Joy


During this Free Webinar You Will Learn:

  1. Why addiction memoirs continue to be so popular. What's the draw and why are they perennial best-sellers?
  2. How authors Caroline Knapp and Koren Zailckas handle takeaways—differently from one another but with equal effectiveness. 
  3. How issue-driven memoirs work—and why you can learn from addiction memoir whether or not you're writing about addiction.
  4. The value of comparing memoir styles and structures to get a grasp on the type of book you want to write (and an exploration of these two memoirs' structures).
  5. How to be an intensive observer of your own process and make it interesting to readers while you're at it!

WARNING: You are about to embark on a serious memoir journey when you tune into our webinars. Come ready to learn and particpate!

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