May 26, 2024

Educated 4-week class

Why Tara Westover’s EDUCATED Is an Education in Memoir Writing and Staying True to Story

Educated is currently being transcribed and will be for sale in 2020.

It’s the rare memoir that comes along and captures national attention with such intensity. Tara Westover’s Educated, published earlier this year to rave reviews, is the story of a girl born to survivalists in the mountains of Idaho.

Educated is the newest coming-of-age memoir to land on the best-seller list, proving once again the appetite for stories about lives on the margins.

Class 1 (September 17). The Power of Place: How to Transport Your Reader to Another Time and Place

Class 2 (September 24). Imagined Scenes and Speculation: How to Write What You Didn’t Witness or Don’t Remember

Class 3 (October 1). The Evolution of Characters: How to Make Readers Feel Invested in Your Story and Characters by Showing How People Change, Grow, and Decline

Class 4 (October 8). Time! A Deep Dive into Where to Position Yourself in Time—Where You Are Now, Where You Were Then, and Tracking Where Your Reader Is in Relation to Where They’ve Been