July 24, 2024


Brooke co-hosts the Write-minded podcast with Grant Faulkner, Executive Director of National Novel Writing Month. We feature so many memoirists, so Brooke and Linda Joy have culled those podcasts here for our students’ easy reference. Thank you and enjoy!

In Defense of Memoir, featuring Mary Karr
Memoir she’s known for: The Liars’ Club
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/in-defense-of-memoir/

Following Your Own Threads of Inspiration, featuring Elizabeth Gilbert
Memoir she’s known for: Eat, Pray, Love
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/following-your-own-threads-of-inspiration/

Writing without Judgment, featuring Jeannette Walls
Memoir she’s known for: The Glass Castle
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/writing-without-judgment/

Building Bridges Across Borders, featuring Luis Alberto Urrea
Memoir she’s known for: The Devil’s Highway
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/building-bridges-across-borders-featuring-luis-alberto-urrea/

Making Your Words Matter, featuring Jacqueline Woodson
Memoir she’s known for: Red at the Bone
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/making-your-words-matter/

The Art and Cost of Reckoning, featuring Kiese Laymon
Memoir he’s known for: Heavy
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/the-art-and-cost-of-reckoning/

The Art of Writing Forgiveness, featuring Ashley C. Ford
Memoir she’s known for: Somebody’s Daughter
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/the-art-of-writing-forgiveness/

Cultivating Stillness, featuring Pico Iyer
Memoir he’s known for: Autumn Light
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/cultivating-stillness/

Writing the Body and Sex in Memoir, featuring Gina Frangello
Memoir she’s known for: Blow Your House Down
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/writing-the-body-and-sex-in-memoir/

The Art of Subtext, featuring EJ Koh
Memoir she’s known for: The Magical Language of Others
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/the-art-of-subtext/

Following Your Calling, Even When It Comes at a Cost, featuring Jessica Valenti
Memoir she’s known for: Sex Object
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/following-your-calling/

In Celebration of the Short Form (Short Stories and Essays), featuring Pam Houston
Memoir she’s known for: Deep Creek
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/in-celebration-of-the-short-form/

Writing on the Margins, featuring Lidia Yuknavitch
Memoir she’s known for: The Chronology of Water
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/writing-on-the-margins/

Breaking Silence, featuring Terese Marie Mailhot
Memoir she’s known for: Heart Berries
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/breaking-silence/

Writing with Urgency, featuring Marcelo Hernandez Castillo
Memoir he’s known for: Children of the Land
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/writing-with-urgency/

Confronting Shame, featuring Firoozeh Dumas
Memoir she’s known for: Funny in Farsi
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/confronting-shame/

The Book You Have to Write, featuring Piper Kerman
Memoir she’s known for: Orange Is the New Black
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/the-book-you-have-to-write/

Writing Raw (and in Pictures), featuring Mira Jacob
Memoir she’s known for: Good Talk
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/writing-raw-and-in-pictures/

Breaking the Rules to Serve Your Story, featuring Abigail Thomas
Memoir she’s known for: A Three Dog Life
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/breaking-the-rules-to-serve-your-story/

Giving Voice to Secrets, featuring Dani Shapiro
Memoir she’s known for: Inheritance
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/giving-voice-to-secrets/

Social Media—Love It or Hate It, featuring Amy Ferris
Memoir she’s known for: Marrying George Clooney
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/social-media-love-it-or-hate-it/

The Staying Power of the Mother-Daughter Story, featuring Laura Davis
Memoir she’s known for: Marrying George Clooney
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/social-media-love-it-or-hate-it/

Mining the Emotional Complexity, featuring Adrienne Brodeur
Memoir she’s known for: The Burning Light of Two Stars
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/the-staying-power-of-the-mother-daughter-story/

Feeling the Fear and Doing It Anyway, featuring Jennifer Pastiloff
Memoir she’s known for: On Being Human
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/feeling-the-fear-and-doing-it-anyway/

The Unreliable Narrator: Writing What You Don’t or Can’t Remember, featuring Andi Buchanan
Memoir she’s known for: The Beginning of Everything
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/the-unreliable-narrator/

Personal Writing as a Method for Change, featuring Michelle Tea
Memoir she’s known for: Valencia
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/personal-writing-as-a-method-for-change/

The Enduring Power of the Books That Change Our Lives, featuring Laurie Halse Anderson
Memoir she’s known for: Speak
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/the-enduring-power-of-the-books-that-change-our-lives/

From Bank Robber to Author to Mentor, featuring Joe Loya
Memoir he’s known for: The Man Who Outgrew His Prison Cell
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/from-bank-robber-to-author-to-mentor/

On Creating New Forms in Fiction and Following What’s True, featuring Rachel Cusk
Memoir she’s known for: Aftermath
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/on-creating-new-forms-in-fiction-and-following-whats-true/

Apology and Taking Ownership Over Your Freedom, featuring of Eve Ensler
Memoir she’s known for: The Apology
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/apology-and-taking-ownership-over-your-freedom/

The Magic of Memoir, featuring Linda Joy Myers
Memoir she’s known for: Song of the Plains
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/the-magic-of-memoir/

Creating and Sustaining a Movement Around Your Writing, featuring Hope Edelman
Memoir she’s known for: Motherless Mothers
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/creating-and-sustaining-a-movement-around-your-writing/

How to Pursue a Traditional Book Deal, featuring Meredith May
Memoir she’s known for: The Honey Bus
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/how-to-pursue-a-traditional-book-deal/

The Artist and the Destroyer, featuring Brooke Axtell
Memoir she’s known for: Beautiful Justice
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/the-artist-and-the-destroyer/

The Power of Owning Your Niche, featuring Ryka Aoki
Memoir she’s known for: Seasonal Velocities
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/the-power-of-owning-your-niche/

How to Be Selfish and Finish What You Start, featuring Claire Dederer
Memoir she’s known for: Love and Trouble
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/how-to-be-selfish-and-finish-what-you-start/

Healing through Writing, featuring Francesca Lia Block
Memoir she’s known for: The Thorn Necklace
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/healing-through-writing/

Writing About Other People, featuring Kerry Cohen
Memoir she’s known for: Loose Girl
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/writing-about-other-people/

Public Speaking for Authors, featuring Betsy Graziani Fasbinder
Memoir she’s known for: Filling Her Shoes
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/public-speaking-for-authors/

How to Carve Your Own Creative Path, featuring Leigh Stein
Memoir she’s known for: Land of Enchantment
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/how-to-carve-your-own-creative-path/

Writing and Activism—Where the Pen Meets a Cause, featuring Daisy Hernández
Memoir she’s known for: A Cup of Water Under My Bed
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/writing-and-activism/

NaNo Rebels: A Walk on the Nonfiction Side, featuring Cami Ostman
Memoir she’s known for: Second Wind
Listen here: https://podcast.shewrites.com/nano-rebels-a-walk-on-the-nonfiction-side/