July 24, 2024

What Made The Tender Bar a Bestselling Memoir?

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THE TENDER BAR—major motion picture coming this January.

This 4-week course—What Made The Tender Bar a Bestselling Memoir?—focuses on structure, narration, and how J.R. Moehringer tightly focused his themes to propel readers through his adolescence and early adulthood with adept observations and vivid language that hold lessons for memoirists of all stripes.

Class 1: HOW TO CREATE A “STRUCTURAL DREAM” FOR YOUR MEMOIR—what The Tender Bar has to teach us about the power of linear structures and tightly woven themes.

Class 2: THE ROMANCE OF PLACE—how to paint a picture that enchants your reader.

Class 3: CHARACTER/ CHARACTERIZATION—making your reader fall in love with your characters—with all their charms and flaws.

Class 4: NARRATION—using the reflective narrator to write about things a younger version of you did not know or could not have articulated.