August 3, 2020

This Spring: Online Memoir Events You Don’t Want to Miss!

We’re offering our biggest discount and most creative BONUS offering yet, to Write Together Through the Crisis. Our VOICE class will now include a BONUS writing hour (starting 3/30 on Mondays and going every Monday till class starts on May 4). During this time we will share examples of voice, offer a writing prompt, and write together.

May 1st: Join Linda Joy and Brooke and our special guests Elizabeth Gilbert (best-selling author of Eat, Pray, Love), Joshua Mohr (author of Sirens), and Alia Hanna Habib (literary agent).

May 4-25: Mastering Voice, a 4-week intensive taught by Brooke & Linda Joy.


VOICE: $99 (includes BONUS)
BUNDLE: $199 (includes May 1st event, VOICE class, and BONUS)

**We always record all our classes. If you have to miss you’ll get the recordings automatically.



Early-bird: $179

• 10am PT/1pm ET: Answer What’s Calling You, with Brooke Warner

• 11am PT/2pm ET: Layering Meaning Into Your Scenes, with Linda Joy Myers

• Noon PT/3pm ET: Big “Memoir” Magic, with Elizabeth Gilbert

• 1pm PT/4pm ET—Publishing Tips and Success Strategies, with Alia Hanna Habib

• 2pm PT/5pm ET: You and You: How to Access to the “I’s” of Memoir Writing, with Joshua Mohr

Read more about the featured teachers HERE.




New price (writing together through the crisis): $99

MONDAYS, May 4, 11, 18, 25
Class 1: Evolution of Voice
Class 2: Self-Expression
Class 3: Finding Your Courage
Class 4: The Art of Narration
BONUS: 5 writing sessions (Mondays, 3/30, 4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, held on Zoom, with Brooke, Linda Joy, and your fellow writers. This is a time to “write together through the crisis” and will include us sharing examples of voice and a writing prompt and time for you to write.

This 4-week intensive is our most ambitious and exciting master class to date. Join Brooke and Linda Joy for four consecutive Mondays to learn about the inner workings of voice—its evolution from something you talk or think about to existing on the page; how it’s driven by courage and authenticity; and narrative techniques that add sophistication, complexity, nuance, and resonance to your scenes so you create intimacy and a heart connection with your reader.



Write Your Memoir with Support and Accountability

goals for new yearWhen you decide to write a memoir, you begin a journey into the heart of who you are. You draw upon memories, desires, imagination, and writing techniques to paint a picture of your life, or a portion of your life. You start down the long and winding path toward becoming a writer, and eventually a published author. Published author—yes! This is the goal of most memoir writers. You may want to learn from your story, or even settle some old scores (internally and externally), but mostly, as a memoirist, you want to share your wisdom and your story—if only you can get it done! That is the challenge.

As coaches and writers ourselves, we know that good, consistent writing emerges and blossoms with structure, accountability, and encouragement. These are the cornerstones of Write Your Memoir in Six Months. You and a cohort of eleven other memoirists will embark upon a journey together that will culminate in the book you’ve been wanting, needing, and longing to write.

We treat the process of writing a memoir like the journey it is. You will encounter three stages—the excitement of getting started; the muddy middle where you may encounter a few snarls and saboteurs; and the long-range view to the end, when you’re weaving all the pieces together and the finish line is in sight.

Here are the five things we believe any memoirist needs for this journey:

1. Consistency—your body in front of the computer regularly (daily for a short time is ideal).
2. Accountability—someone who’s expecting you to deliver on what you want for yourself.
3. Goals—when you have goals, you’ll know when you reach them.
4. Guts—the sheer determination to write and write, consult, edit, rethink, and write some more.
5. Patience—it takes time to write a book. But you only can do it one sentence at a time.

We are two passionate memoir advocates who have coached hundreds of authors through the completion of their manuscripts and all the way to publication. In this course, you’ll be met with support each step of the way—getting your fill of craft and technique, as well as the necessary emotional support that a journey like this requires.