June 29, 2022

Repurpose and Conquer

In preparation for Write Your Book in Six Months, I’m doing my own challenge---writing my own book in six months, with the goal of being finished by July 1. And has it ever been a challenge! There are a million reasons it’s hard to write, a hundred priorities that take precedent over the day-to-day writing, and more than enough excuses as to why writers don’t stay on track of their writing goals. Much more rare, and therefore more valuable and important, are the strategies that keep us … [Read more...]

Why to Launch Your Publishing Career with an Ebook

Lots of aspiring authors are met with rejections from agents and editors because they don’t have enough of a platform. A platform is anything you’re doing (currently or in the works) that supports your author profile, gives you visibility, and shows a publisher that you have what it takes to reach customers. Things that automatically count against you include: no email list; no or few Facebook friends or fans; no Twitter account or followers; no website. You MUST build your online presence if … [Read more...]